Cloud Management Tech Zone

Cloud Management Tech Zone

Dead or alive?

Is the good old Pathfinder dead and Modern Apps and Cloud Management Techzone next? Maybe, or maybe it isn’t


What am I talking about?

For some time, VMware have had a collection of resources assembled as a collection in a one-stop-shop for resources such as videos, blogs, articles and training for all the cloud management products. Even the Hands-On Labs have had links on these pages. This collection was called PathFinder

Now there has emerged another good one, that will more or less take over the whole she-bang, called TechZone.

Modern Apps and Cloud Management Tech Zone

You’ll find the cloud management stuff at TechZone at this LINK ! <—–

Log in using either a cloud account or your customer connect account

Get going on Cloud Management

To get you started on the Cloud management Products Try out the top menu:

Refine Search / filter

In the search field click the down arrow on Advanced search


Let’s say you are interested in blog articles about automation:


That’ll get you some results about interesting articles:


Other Searches to try

Product: VM Aria Operations AND Category: Deep Dive

Type: Video AND OS/Platform: GCP

Type: Utility AND Category: Quick-Start




So now you know :-)